The Best Blinds For Bay Windows

Much of the British population lives in Victorian houses, as they were built to last and have never gone out of fashion. Their beautiful stained glass doorways, coloured brickwork, and bay windows make them popular with buyers. If you own a home with bay windows, you may be wondering how to complement your bay windows with your blinds effectively.

There are many different variations of bay windows, from angled bay to bow bay windows. Due to the different types of bay windows, it’s important to bespoke-make your blinds so they will fit perfectly and open without getting caught on anything. bay window blinds


The Best Blinds For Bay Windows


Roman Blinds

Traditional but stylish, Roman blinds can completely transform the look of a room from plain and dull, to colourful and bright. These blinds fold up in a pretty arrangement so the blinds will look neat and tidy at whatever level you choose to set them at. You can choose between thicker or thinner fabrics to alter the amount of light which enters your room. You could also add in an insulation lining to keep your room warm in the winter.


Venetian Blinds

Perfect Fit Venetian BlindsVenetian blinds are one of the most popular choices, as you can adjust the slats angles to keep your privacy but also take advantage of the sunlight. They also can be drawn up to reveal the beautiful and vast views from your bay windows. Venetian blinds are highly versatile and can either blend into the decor of the room, or stand out as a feature.


Vertical Blinds

These blinds are often chosen for their low maintenance, as they don’t tend to gather as much dust as horizontal slats do. Often a more affordable option for people on a budget or if you have larger windows, such as bay windows – but vertical blinds don’t cut corners on style as they offer a clean and modern look, which works for both the office and home.



Made-to-Measure Blinds

Bay windows are all different shapes and sizes, so made-to-measure blinds will be a perfect choice. Blinds that don’t fit the window frame properly make it look cheap or may not even cover the window properly – by having a blind that doesn’t clutter the windowsill, and is tailor-made for your bay window, this will make sure it doesn’t detract from the rooms aesthetic.


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11th March 2019