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Introducing our UK made faux wood blinds and shutters!


At Leamington Blinds, we’re delighted to announce that our faux wood venetian blinds and shutters are now being made right here in the UK!

With a UK supplier, not only do we have access to some of the highest quality imitation wood shutters and blinds, it also means that we have drastically reduced waiting times when you order.

We can now offer turnaround times of just 2 weeks on our made to measure faux wood venetian blinds and faux wood shutters!

And of course that comes with free measuring and installation for all our Warwickshire customers too.

So if you’re looking for high quality, UK made vinyl, plastic or upvc shutters or venetian blinds, not only can Leamington Blinds can offer you the very best products – we can also provide measuring, manufacture and installation within just 2 weeks!

Get in touch today for a quote or to find out more!

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