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Are perfect fit blinds the right choice for you?

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Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are one of the most popular, versatile blind styles that you can find – but with so many different names, variations and options, it can be hard to know if they’re right for you.

In this guide we’ll get to grips with everything you need to know about perfect fit blinds, from what they are and where you can use them, to some of the problems people have with them.

So, let’s dive right in!

What is a perfect fit blind?

Let’s start with the basics: a perfect fit blind is a type of blind that fits directly into the frame of the window, rather than in or outside the window recess.

Because perfect fit blinds are defined by how they hang, it means you can actually get a huge range of different types of perfect fit blind, including venetian, roller and pleated blinds.

Examples of perfect fit blinds

How do perfect fit blinds work?

A perfect fit blind has a custom made frame that fits inside the rubber beading on your window.

The blind then sits within this frame, meaning that every pane has its own individual blind.

The blinds themselves can come in a huge range of different styles and options, from blackout to venetian, roller to pleated.

Why would I choose perfect fit blinds?

A perfect fit blind has a custom made frame that fits inside the rubber beading on your window.

The blind then sits within this frame, meaning that every pane has its own individual blind.

The blinds themselves can come in a huge range of different styles and options, from blackout to venetian, roller to pleated.

Perfect fit blinds from outside

Why would I choose perfect fit blinds?

Perfect fit blinds have been one of the UK’s most popular blind styles for many years, and that looks set to continue for many years to come!

One of the biggest selling points of a perfect fit blind is that you don’t need screws or to drill any holes to fit them – they fit right into your window frame. That can save an awful lot of stress and hassle when you’re trying to fit your blinds – but at the same time, it means you have to be incredibly precise in your measuring.

Perfect fit blinds are really compact and unobtrusive, and because they’re secured within their frames, they don’t blow in the wind and make a noise. That means they’re a great choice for windows that you regularly open.

They’re are also a really great choice for skylight and velux windows. Again, because they sit within their own frame, your perfect fit blinds will hang at exactly the same angle as your window.

Conservatories and patio doors are popular places to get perfect fit blinds too. Because the blinds fit within the pane of each individual window, rather than trying to hang blinds across large areas of your room.

One of the other reasons that they’re popular, is that you can get a complete blackout effect from perfect fit blinds – with almost no light creeping through the gaps.

Another really popular choice is perfect fit blinds for caravans. Not only do they take up much less space than regular blinds, but they also stay secured within their frame whether they’re open or closed, making them a lot safer when you’re on the move!

What’s the difference between intu and perfect fit blinds?

Essentially these are the same type of blinds! The big difference is that Intu is a particular brand of perfect fit blinds, but they also are known by a whole host of different terms including:

  • Easy fit blinds
  • No drill blinds
  • No screw blinds
  • Clip and fit blinds
  • Clip on blinds
  • Click fit blinds

But really, all of these are describing the same product.

Are there common perfect fit blind problems?

The biggest problem people have with perfect fit blinds is not having them properly measured. That means that when they arrive, you don’t get the “perfect fit” that you were expecting!

The best way around this is to make sure you get a full measuring and installation service when you buy your blinds.

Another common question people ask is “are perfect fit blinds expensive?”. Perfect fit blinds do tend to cost more than simpler types of blind like roller blinds. But most people find that the additional cost is more than worth it for the quality of blind they end up with.

Perfect fit blinds are also not a great choice for every type of window, so it’s important that you think carefully before making your choice. If your windows don’t have a rubber seal – if they’re an older style sash window, for example – then perfect fit blinds may not work for you.

Perfect fit blinds in a bedroom

How to measure perfect fit blinds

Measuring correctly for perfect fit blinds is absolutely essential if you want to achieve that genuinely “perfect” fit.

When you measure for perfect fit blinds, you need to take your measurements from and to the edge of the rubber beading in your window. You’ll also need to take measurements for each individual pane – which can be quite time consuming if you’re measuring up a conservatory!

We advise you take at least 3 measurements for the vertical, and 3 more for the horizontal, and noting down the smallest measurement for each.

But if you’re concerned that you might not get an accurate measurement for your perfect fit frame, we recommend using a service who will provide the measuring and fitting for you.

How to fit perfect fit blinds

Installing your perfect fit blinds doesn’t require any drilling or screws, but can be a bit more of a complex process than putting up a standard roller or roman blind.

First, you’ll need to put together the blind within its frame. This is usually pretty straightforward, but you’ll need to make sure that the blind is secured with the right level of tension.

Check that when your frame is upright, the blind doesn’t naturally fall. If it does, you’ll need to adjust the tension by shortening the cord on the spring at the base of the frame.

Next you’ll need to install the brackets for the frame. These slide under the rubber beading at the edges of your window, and you usually place them on each side of the window, a couple of inches down from the corners.

Then you simply click the frame into the brackets.

Or alternatively, you can use a service that will do the whole process for you!

Perfect fit blinds from Leamington Blinds

At Leamington Blinds we have a huge range of different perfect fit blinds, including energy saving pleated blinds, classic rollers and elegant venetians.

We also provide free measuring and fitting for customers in the Coventry and Warwickshire areas, so you can be confident that your blinds really are the perfect fit! Get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.

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