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How To Make Sure Your Window Blinds Are Child-Safe

How To Make Sure Your Window Blinds Are Child-Safe

Many parents, even the most conscientious mums and dads, often fail to realise the dangers of corded blinds. A study showed that in the last 25 years, there have been 17,000 cases of children being injured by blinds – as well as 300 cases resulting in death. Surprisingly, it took until 2014 for detailed requirements and compulsory warnings to be implemented on blind products across the UK. Blinds must now have no accessible cords or must be supplied with child safety devices to be fitted by whoever installs them. Being a family-run business, we know how important the safety of your family is to you, so we are fully committed to ensuring every customer is fitted with blinds suitable for their home, including making your blinds completely child safe.

How To Ensure Your Blinds Are Safe For Your Children


Choosing The Right Blinds

If you are renovating a child’s room or simply changing the blinds, when you order a blind with a child safety device, it is the law that it must be fitted. Furthermore, there are cordless and electric blinds available which are remotely controlled – however, cordless blinds still have cords, so it’s important to remember to tuck the cords away to ensure children cannot reach them or tug them down. Some blinds come with a chain break connector, so when they are placed under pressure, they break – but can easily be re-connected if the situation arises.


Safety Devices Available

If you have looped blind cords, it is important that you either cut them into two separate cords or attach a cleat or hook onto the wall. A cleat is a fixture in which you can wrap excess cords around it to keep the cord tightly out of reach. A hook is more suitable for continuously looped cords, where you fix a hook to the wall, you can ensure your cord is fixed to a certain spot, thereby stopping children from getting tangled in the string.’. By using these three simple techniques, you are able to safeguard your children from reaching the cords or pulling them down.


Extra Steps You Can Take

Children are notorious for being able to quickly climb onto furniture within seconds, so removing any furniture which may enable children to get close to the cords reduces the risk of injury massively.

Being wary about blind cords as parents will enable you to create the safest environment you can for your children – giving you the peace of mind within your own home.


The team at Leamington Blinds are always happy to help when it comes to finding the perfect blinds and shutters for your home or business. For more information or to book an appointment with one of our specialists, contact us today!

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