What Are The Benefits Of Electric Blinds?

For the most convenient and energy efficient window coverings, electric blinds are the ideal solution. Despite this type of blind becoming more and more popular, many people still discount it without understanding its benefits, thinking it is an extravagance rather than a highly practical addition to the home. To help you find out more about this versatile blind and decide whether it’s for you, we’ve put together the top five advantages of electric blinds.

Why Purchase Motorised Blinds?


1. Convenient

Probably the most lauded benefit of electric blinds is the superior convenience they offer. Motorised blinds allow you to open and close your blinds at the push of a button. Operation couldn’t be easier and this can be particularly welcome for windows which are hard to reach – such as skylights – or are particularly large, which would make manual operation more laborious.

Convenience is further increased with the ability to set timers for your electric blinds to open or close, meaning you don’t even have to be in the house to use them. Some blinds can even be integrated into your smart home system and can be operated from a smart device app, allowing greater flexibility and ease of operation.


2. Thermal control

Electric blinds can help you achieve optimal control over the temperature in your home. Windows are a major source of heat gain and loss in your home, and so anything you can do to reduce this effect will help keep your home’s temperature more stable. Your blinds can provide a valuable extra layer of insulation for your home, provided you use them tactically. With a well thought out timer schedule for your electric blinds, you can block out the hot midday sun to keep your home cool in summer and have them lower when the evening draws in, preventing unnecessary heat loss in winter.


3. Energy efficient options

Many styles of blind are possible in a remote-controlled version, including energy efficient options such as Duette cellular blinds and blackout-lined roller blinds. Of course, the improved thermal control created with timers will aid energy efficiency in your home, reducing the need for heating, fans, or air con. However, this can be boosted even further by giving thought to your style of motorised blind.


4. Security

The scheduling function for electric blinds can help improve your home’s security by making it look as though someone is home. This can deter burglars from targeting your house as, from the outside, it looks as though there is activity inside. This can be a useful tool for when you’re away from home during the working day, whilst you’re on holiday or on business trips.


5. Safety

The easy use and cordless operation of remote-controlled blinds makes them a safe option in any household. If you have young children around, blind cords can pose a strangulation risk and so cordless methods are greatly preferable for your child’s safety.

Older individuals and those who are less physically able will also appreciate the simple and safe operation motorised blinds offer. Pulling at cords and stretching to reach operating mechanisms isn’t easy for everyone and electric blinds require no physical strain to use whatsoever.


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13th July 2018